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How long does it take to make and ship my order?

Most mug and flask orders take 2-5 business days depending on whether you are personalizing your order. Most of our products are printed in 3 business days then you should add shipping times on top of that.

Do you offer Priority or Express overnight shipping?

Our products are print on demand which means we have to make the product before it ships out. Given that our products are 'made on demand' we don't offer priority or express overnight shipment.

How are your flasks made?

We print our flask designs on professional vinyl which is then laminated with a secondary layer of vinyl film, die cut and assembled by hand making them waterproof and durable.

How do I care for my flask?

We recommend that you wash your flask before first using. Rinse your flask with warm water and white vinegar. If you are not planning on using your flask immediately, allow to dry with the cap off. It is recommended to rinse your flask out with warm water, between uses, and use vinegar every few uses. We prefer to not use dish soap, as some leave a residue that may affect the flavor of your beverage.

Can I put juice or cordials in my flask?

Your flask is designed to carry alcohol, primarily. You should not put any acidic beverage or lemon juice in your flask. Acid may stain stainless steel (true for most stainless products).

Can I put my flask in the freezer?

We have friends like that too. While we LOVE an ice cold vodka or tequila (or rum, or gin…) your flask is not intended to store your beverage for more than 3 days. Some liquors have a strong taste, and may impart that taste to your flask.

How are your mugs made?

We have a production partner that produces our mugs. We don't have the equipment to do so 'in house'. Each design is "printed" on glossy ceramic mugs utilizing a process that makes the the designs impervious.

Do you do custom orders?

We aren't currently taking on custom orders, however we would be glad to hear your suggestions for new designs. Please add your email below to receive the latest updates.

Do you offer wholesale?

Not currently.

Where are you located?

We are located in South Carolina!.

Why don't you have a telephone number I can call?

We will always respond as quickly as possible to all email requests. If it becomes necessary we will call you with regards to your inquiry or order.